Conflict Resolution

The good sort.

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Stuck? Try working it out with us. No problem is too big or too small...

Counselors are skilled, culturally competent, and ready to work things through with you. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that you could use some help sorting, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy.

Resolution in a pinch.

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STAFF OMBUDS. Approached with compassion and respect, workplace issues can generally be solved amicably between the parties involved...

Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way—no matter how hard you tried. Depending on the nature of your situation, there are several options for you to find closure, confidentially.

Pros and conflicts.

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OMBUDS FOR STUDENTS AND POST DOCS. Find guidance no matter where you are in resolving a tough dispute...

Ombuds can help you sort it out confidentially, listen, figure next steps, and discuss other resources that might be helpful.


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HUMAN RESOURCES CONFLICT RESOLUTION. Workplace conflict is actually normal and healthy and there are ways to manage it effectively...

Differences in work goals or personal styles, change or stress can be contributing factors. But resolution is attainable! And when that happens, it can strengthen work units, improve communication, and result in greater productivity.

Check out these resources to help you identify your challenge and where you can seek resolution. See...

Professor de-stressor.

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FACULTY OMBUDS. A confidential,* informal, impartial alternative for work-related problem and conflict resolution...

Ombudspersons do not issue reports or findings. They do not keep written records or act as witnesses in possible subsequent proceedings.

(*Exception: imminent risk of serious harm involving a physical threat; cases of sexual violence/harassment)