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Help us promote our new website

Take part in our collective well-being at Berkeley! Mix and match: do only one thing or all the things! Any level of effort would be appreciated, and you'll be doing a HUGE service to us in getting the word out. We're in this together!

Rock the recalibrate message

  • Be our poster child. Download the display posters below and distribute liberally! Right-click to open a new tab on your browser and save them. 
    • Plaster them in your office, campus residence, on the backs of bathroom stall doors, etc.
    • Add to your departmental website or campus communication with a hyperlink to recalibrate.berkeley.com so people can get to the site super easily.
    • Set as your wallpaper or screen saver on your personal or work devices. Extra points if someone catches a look of it and asks, "What's that?", followed by your spirited evangelism, of course.

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  • Bids to the vids. Share these videos that show people incorporating recalibrate in their daily life. What's your story? While these videos highlight undergraduate student and staff experiences, graduate/professional and faculty, respectively, you can still find a lot that's relevant. In the near future we intend to release additional videos that include specific focus on graduate/professional students and faculty.
  • Genuine articles. Want to do a blurb on us and need some starter talking points? Check out our sample promotional content for some ideas and then add your own cool touches to make it yours.
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UC Berkeley Undergraduate Student Wellness using recalibrate.berkeley.edu [full version]

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UC Berkeley Staff Wellness using recalibrate.berkeley.edu [full version]