One-Click Resources for Faculty

hero image: professor and Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter shows his whiteboard and design for the Gruber Prize

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You know what you want and you need it fast. The ONE-CLICK MODE is a very straightforward process. Scan the faculty resources here and access them right away.


word graphic: "i can't afford to buy myself healthy food."

Basic Needs Security

word graphic: "i need help resolving a work issue confidentially."

Faculty Ombudsperson

word graphic: "i need sexual violence/harassment support."

Survivor Support

word graphic: "i need care for a family member while i work."

Faculty Backup Care


word graphic: "i'm worried about a student and want to help."

Care for Distressed Students

word graphic: "i'm worried about a colleague—how can i help?"

Helping a Colleague


word graphic: "i want to work with more confidence and pride."

Greater Good Science Center

word graphic: "i want to feel secure with my financial future."

Financial Planning

word graphic: "how can i nurture a safe and healthy workplace?"

Healthy Dept. Certification

word graphic: "how can i foster diversity and equity in my department?"

Faculty Well-Being

word graphic: "i'm looking for a mentor/mentee opportunity?"

Faculty Mentoring


word graphic: "how can i maximize my productivity/health at work?"

Be Well at Work

word graphic: "how do i get somewhere on/by campus safely?"

Night Safety Services

word graphic: "i need to find a WorkFit class near me."


word graphic: "i need free and confidential counseling services."

Employee Assistance (EA)

word graphic: "what are some well-being tips for me & my community?"

Greater Good Science Center


word graphic: "what are the fun freebies and benefits for faculty?"

Faculty Perks