One-Click Resources for Undergraduate Students

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Click and you're there

You know what you want and you need it fast. The ONE-CLICK MODE is a very straightforward process. Scan the undergraduate resources here and access them right away.


word graphic: "i need sexual violence/harassment support."

Survivor Support

word graphic: "i'm a busy student parent in a pinch."

Backup Childcare

word graphic: "i need help resolving a campus issue."

Student Ombudsperson

word graphic: "i can't afford to buy myself healthy food."

Basic Needs Security

word graphic: "i'm in crisis—experiencing emotional distress."

Urgent Concerns at UHS


word graphic: "i'm worried about a friend and want to help."

Lending a Hand


word graphic: "which jobs match my skills and interests?"

Career Center

word graphic: "what kinds of financial aid options do i have?"

Undergraduate Financial Aid

word graphic: "i need a smart student tutor to help me succeed."

Student Learning Center


word graphic: "i want to check out the RSF and get fit in mind & body."

Recreational Sports

word graphic: "how do i get somewhere on/by campus safely?"

Night Safety Services

word graphic: "i need to sort something out with a counselor."

General Counseling Services

word graphic: "what are some well-being tips for me & my community?"

Greater Good Science Center

word graphic: "i need health care from a clinician or advice nurse."

University Health Services


word graphic: "i'd like to get involved with student orgs & events"

CalLink | Student Organizations

word graphic: "i'm looking for resources that align with my communities."

Community-Specific Care