I'm feeling SOCIAL

photo of a circle of drummers singing and drumming for the dancers during the 39th annual UC Berkeley Pow Wow 2018.

Turn up the opportunities to connect with others—empathy and compassion foster well-being.

Your social network is worth cultivating. When you need something, they got your back. And vice-versa. We learn from each other, cry and laugh together, and basically see ourselves more clearly in the process. If you identify as an introvert, you can honor that in social/group settings by communicating it and by participating as much or as little as what feels right for you.

relate. reunite. recalibrate.


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Be a happy camper.

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CAL ADVENTURES. Get out in Nature, like the bear that you are. Classes and clinics and camps—cool!...

Birds of a feather.

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COMMUNITY-SPECIFIC HEALTH. It's good to connect with and get support from others who share similar identities as our own...

Hello LOL.

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HOW LAUGHTER BRINGS US TOGETHER. People who laugh together like each other more—truly, there is research to back it up...

It‘s team to get serious.

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SPORTS CLUBS. Okay, though many of these 34 clubs are competitive, new participants of all skill levels are always welcome...

Mix & match.

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STAFF DIVERSITY INITIATIVES. From staff organizations to staff appreciation weeks, explore our collective communities and cultures..

Nice for newbies.

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NEW PROFESSIONALS NETWORK. Accelerate your onboarding and make your entry into the Berkeley staff family a smoother proces

People. Interesting people.

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SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. Socialize with a community that advances a specific area of knowledge...

Play well with others.

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COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (CoP). Nerd out with your people! These groups bring together staff with similar professional interests...

So happy together.

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IDENTITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS. Share, support, and learn about each other—celebrate our staff diversity in a safe space...

Socialize while you sweat.

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INTRAMURAL SPORTS. Wanna play your favorite sport on a competitive or recreational level? Bring your friends, or make new ones!...

Welcome to the club.

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STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. Hang with people who share the same interests as you—so many tastes, so little time!...