I'm feeling CURIOUS

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Turn up your hunger to explore new things—discover other options for how you can increase your happiness and well-being.

How many times have you said, "I would love to do that!" but never bothered to try? Could be about how you deal with risk or unfamiliar situations, but sometimes the reward can be a personal breakthrough and a game changer. Go on, branch out...

review. revise. recalibrate.


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Be a good sport.

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INTRAMURAL SPORTS AND SPORTS CLUBS. So you're a hot shot in some sport, huh? And you want to be part of a team with other hot shots?...

Branching out at Berkeley.

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STAFF DEVELOPMENT. Wondering about mobility at the University or developing skills that are transferable anywhere?...

Cheers to your careers.

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CAREER COUNSELING LIBRARY. This extensive reference library includes job search books, web resources and computerized career guidance systems...

Cultural shift.

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STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM. Discover things about yourself in another country while you study! Earn college credit.

Easy does it.

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CHANGE MANAGEMENT TIPS. Who cares how small the steps to your goal are—just as long as you keep moving forward!

Feed your mind and body.

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NUTRITION STRATEGIES, THERAPIES, RESOURCES. Take another look at your relationship to food. Knowledge + Choice = Power.

Fire it down?

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WELLNESS-RELATED POLICIES & GUIDELINES. Wait, lighting up anywhere on campus is a no-no?...

Major enhancements.

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BERKELEY CONNECT PROGRAM. Make the most out of your Berkeley experience and field of study...

Meet and eat.

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HEALTHY REFRESHMENTS PLANNING FOR MEETINGS, EVENTS. Fuel collaborations at your big meetings...

Movers and shapers.

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CAREER CENTER. We're all de facto role players in student career planning and development. Curious what role you can play?...

Nest egg know-how.

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FINANCIAL PLANNING. These resources will help set you up for success no matter where you are in the process...

On being human.

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SEXUAL HEALTH/SEXUALITY RESOURCES. Human sexuality is about more than just sex! Get to know yourself intimately...

Perking you up.

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EMPLOYEE BENEFITS/PERKS. Free stuff. Cool stuff. Being a UC employee has its benefits!...

Pro tips.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

GRADUATE/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. You made it into the graduate program, now what about the professional part?...

Pump it up!

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PHYS ED COURSES. Incorporate one or more of these PE courses into your class schedule (academic credit!) and your heart will heart you!...

Rec-age, not wreckage.

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RECREATIONAL SPORTS FACILITY (RSF). Stay active, strong, and feelin' great, friends. Rec Sports builds you up!...

Rock your world.

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CAL ADVENTURES TRIPS AND INSTRUCTION. Classes and clinics and camps... Oh my! (Ad)venture outside and challenge yourself inside...

Think tank.

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CENTER FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING. Share your knowledge and creativity while collaborating with many other partners to innovate curricula at Berkeley...

To your health.

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HEALTH COACHING. From tips on eating right to managing stress or adjusting to a healthier lifestyle, our health coaches can hook you up... 

Unity in your unit.

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HEALTHY DEPARTMENT CERTIFICATION. The go-to resource for keeping your department humming along. Explore the possibilities...

Work that body.

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EMPLOYEE WORKFIT PROGRAM. Fit some WorkFit into your work day—get a boost of energy as a reward for working so hard at your desk...