I'm feeling COURAGEOUS

photo of all eyes on an audience member standing up to ask a poignant question during a lecture


Turn up your voice—have faith in yourself, stand up for your values, and act from your heart.

We need courage when we're unsure about how something will turn out or if fear takes us over. The more we can trust ourselves and learn from each experience—good or bad—the less courage we'll need to tackle our next challenge. Little by little, confidence will come...BELIEVE!

resolve. reclaim. recalibrate.


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Go, go, grow.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

BERKELEY CONNECT PROGRAM. You have a great teaching record and experience, what's next for you?...

Leadership trifecta.

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MAKING GREAT WORKPLACES. Cultivate courage, compassion, and resilience in your workplac

Positively charged.

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PERSPECTIVE ON NEGATIVE EVENTS. You are ready to face that thing that has been keeping you down—plug into the plus sign!...

Proud of you.

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LGBTQ COMING OUT. For many, taking this life-changing step takes bravery. We are here to support you!...

Ramp up your resilience.

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CULTIVATING COURAGE. Practice these techniques to maintain your strength over fear...

Speak your truth.

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STAFF OMBUDS. Have you ever had a persistent issue at work, where you wanted to voice your concern but worried about rocking the boat or the potential backlash?...

Stand up. Stand proud.

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ETHICAL COURAGE. Standing up for what we believe in helps us live authentically...

You're getting warmer...

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INCREASING CLOSENESS EXERCISES. They use icebreakers because a cold environment keeps people from sharing their warmth...