I'm feeling STRESSED OUT

photo of 2 Boalt Hall students concentrating and frantically studying in library; materials and equipment scattered throughout


Turn up your capacity to take it slower, easier, and to work within your means—choose to simplify.

Yeah, stress is no stranger to the Berkeley campus. Pressure to perform, a hard time meeting your basic needs like food and housing, or that feeling of just having too much on your plate can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need to stop and recharge, or you need a real person to listen and help you make sense of it all. If nothing seems to be working, try out some of the things on the “I'm feeling JOYFUL” page and see if that helps chill things out for the better.

relax. relieve. recalibrate.


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Academic advantages.

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FACULTY WELFARE.The responsibilities of faculty are many on top of teaching, research, and public service. We're here to assist you...

All up in your fitness.

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WORKFIT. Take time out of your workday to get your blood pumping and improve your mood. X-Y-Z your way to health (TRX or Yoga or Zumba)!...

Balancing act.

icon for all student audiences

BE WELL AT CAL. Your wellness depends on how much attention you give to your entire being and how you spend your time and energy...

Cool at school.

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PARTY SAFE. In college, we want to fit in and are under pressure to do well—Partying is cool, but not if it puts you at risk of harming yourself...

Dance of the diploma dollars.

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UNDERGRAD FINANCIAL AID. Don't worry, you'll get the steps if you take a minute to learn them and practice...

Family matters.

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FACULTY BACKUP FAMILY CARE. Worried because regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable for a family member and you have to work?...

Hot off the (virtual) press.

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WORKPLACE HANDOUTS. These Employee Assistance e-flyers give useful info on common workplace and personal issues...

Image actually isn't everything.

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EATING DISORDERS & BODY IMAGE SERVICES. A complex issue—but our teams can help you understand...

In a supporting role.

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HELPING A STUDENT. Worried about a student who may be going through something—that's more that your basic stress—and don't know how to help?...

It's substantial.

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ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUG-RELATED SERVICES. Social Services offers you confidential, non-judgmental counseling...

Let's eat!

icon for all audiences: students, faculty, and staff

FOOD SECURITY SOLUTIONS. How can you even think when your stomach is grumbling all the time? Ensure you get fed, even on a very limited budget..

Minding the (financial) gap.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FINANCIAL AID. Stressed about a financial shortfall you might have?—There are several remedies...

Money mayhem.

icon for faculty/staff audiences

FINANCIAL PLANNING. Making sense of our financial future can seem complicated, so let's demystify together...

No kidding.

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STUDENT PARENT BACKUP CHILDCARE. Stress no further if you're ever faced with a childcare arrangement snafu...

Plight of the preoccupied parent.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

GRAD STUDENT PARENT SUPPORT. Getting an advanced degree is hard enough—how much more by also having to take care of your family?...

Sweat it out of your system.

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT COURSES. Beat stress through a PE course. Get creative while you get class credit...

Take your health to new heights.

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HEALTH COACHING. Get a lift from getting healthy. Co-create an achievable and sustainable action plan...

Teaching tools.

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GSI RESOURCES. It can be quite a lot to handle, teaching on top of doing your own graduate studies and projects. We're here to help you thrive...

Tension attention.

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EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE. Prioritizing your mental health helps you live well, both at and outside of work... 

That's a relief.

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HEALTH OPPORTUNITY FUND (HOF). Pell Grant and Dream Aid recipients can get reduced fees for services at the Tang Center!...

Unbearable no more.

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ACADEMIC TIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. Whether you're from a country near or far, studying at Berkeley may be tough without extra tools.

Unlocking your potential.

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KEYS TO WELL-BEING. Explore Greater Good Science Center's ten building blocks of individual and community well-being...

What, me? Worry?

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that's gnawing at you, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy... 

Wiser investments.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

GRADUATE/PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL AID. You've made the decision to invest in your career by going to grad school—then there's the financing...

Work it out by working out.

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RECREATIONAL SPORTS. In addition to a wide variety of typical gym activities, there many more options offered to boost your health...

You're an angel.

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HELPING A FRIEND. Stressed out or uncomfortable because you're around someone who may be distressed and you don't know how to help...

Your attention, please.

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BE WELL AT WORK | ELDER CARE PROGRAM. Taking care of an adult loved one on top of your responsibilities at work?...