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STUDENT PARENT BACKUP CHILDCARE. Stress no further if you're ever faced with a childcare arrangement snafu...

Highly-subsidized in-home and center-based backup childcare is an option! Register and be ready.

Use back-up child care when:

  • Your regular caregiver is unavailable.
  • You are between child care arrangements.
  • Your child’s regular child care center or school is closed.
  • Your child is mildly ill and cannot attend your regular child care center or school.
  • You need care for your child so that you can meet your academic responsibilities, such as attending a study session, writing a paper, or traveling to attend conferences or to make presentations.

After successfully registering for the service, you will be able to schedule:

  • In-home child care for your well or mildly ill child (up to three of your children at home).
  • Center-based child care at Bright Horizons centers nationwide, including the Bright Horizons Child Care Center at Bayer located in west Berkeley, two miles from campus. More centers are available in the Bay Area and throughout the U.S. through an extended network of child care providers.