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As you try and match a situation you're facing with a potential remedy, please note that some of these resources may be geared to a particular group, such as "for students," or "for staff/faculty." But as humans, as social and compassionate beings, our natural instinct is to try and help in whatever circumstance. You can still find valuable information in all the resources here, to help you directly or to let you know who you can contact to assist you. Thank you for caring!

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Students—college life at Berkeley can be pretty great, but there are times when external pressures or traumatic events mess with our well-being. And when that happens, how can we keep up with the academic rigor and high expectations? (Oh, nevermind that everyone came from the tops of their respective schools previously!)

For everyone on campus, if you have a friend or colleague who appears to be going through some difficult stuff and is having trouble coping even after you've done all you can, here are some resources to help them sort it all out. Continued compassion and concern will help your friend journey back to health and healing.

Remember, first just be available, be present, and listen. From there, you can work together on figuring out a good next step.

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Being a college student can be one of the most rewarding and equally challenging experiences in a young person's life. At Berkeley especially, the expectations are high, so there is the pressure to perform. Meanwhile, continuing to understand this thing called adulthood often adds to the stressors. Relationships, identity, personal conflicts, difficulty with school subjects, socio-political injustices, family issues—all of it can weigh heavy on a student.

The resources here may help a student find a good starting point to relieve their pain points so that they can get back to flourishing emotionally and academically. Offered with respect, concern, and compassion, long-lasting wellness is attainable.

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