UNDERGRAD | stressed out

Let's eat!

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FOOD SECURITY SOLUTIONS. How can you even think when your stomach is grumbling all the time? Ensure you get fed, even on a very limited budget..

It's essential if you're going to do your best work.

It's substantial.

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ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUG-RELATED SERVICES. Social Services offers you confidential, non-judgmental counseling...

Our alcohol and drug specialists are here so you don't have to deal with this alone. They are available to talk with you about your own use or that of a friend or family member and support a spectrum of goals using a harm reduction approach.

Image actually isn't everything.

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EATING DISORDERS & BODY IMAGE SERVICES. A complex issue—but our teams can help you understand...

Learn more in detail about how to address the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of this multi-layered topic.

You're an angel.

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HELPING A FRIEND. Stressed out or uncomfortable because you're around someone who may be distressed and you don't know how to help...

While there could be many reasons, check these resources and see if you can find something appropriate. That's what friends are for...

Dance of the diploma dollars.

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UNDERGRAD FINANCIAL AID. Don't worry, you'll get the steps if you take a minute to learn them and practice...

Stick with it and you'll feel more secure about loans, alternative funding sources, and general financial literacy.

Balancing act.

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BE WELL AT CAL. Your wellness depends on how much attention you give to your entire being and how you spend your time and energy...

If something is weighing heavy or not supporting your well-being, you have the power to change it right now to regain your balance. Be kind to yourself as you do this—just start over if things get a little wobbly again, NBD.