Personal Health

Very vary good.

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BE WELL AT CAL. These guidelines are nice suggestions on how you can be more intentional and engaged with your wellness goals...

Prefer to stick to a routine or to change up the way you get to the same ends? No matter how you do it, it's all good. YOU set the parameters, YOU know what's good for you— and not so good. Your program is your program. Own it!—keep things realistic and your commitments will stay strong toward your ultimate...

Keeping the doors open.

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KEYS TO WELL-BEING. These ten building blocks are good reminders of how we can maintain our happiness...

If one of the areas in your life is needing a little love, you can always take a moment to figure out how to recalibrate!

Always remember to be gentle with yourself, and take every opportunity to show others by example that well-being is attainable for anyone because it's real (and not always easy to stay balanced).

I gotta be me.

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SEXUAL HEALTH AND SEXUALITY. Celebrate your sexual identity and all that it means to your sexual health and being...

Sure, some people might feel threatened by your self-awareness, but never be ashamed of yourself for being who you are.

Treat your mind and body with respect by knowing the biological, physical, emotional, social, erotic, and spiritual aspects of your unique sexuality.