The good sort.

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Stuck? Try working it out with us. No problem is too big or too small...

Counselors are skilled, culturally competent, and ready to work things through with you. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that you could use some help sorting, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy.

Take care by taking the PATH.

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PATH TO CARE. For those subjected to gendered violence, or who know someone who has, we have a non-judgmental, caring approach to care...

We can help you explore options, rights, and resources. Sometimes you need an advocate to help you sort it all out and break free from its power.

Medical attention.

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UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICES URGENT CARE. Have a non-emergency medical condition that needs immediate attention?...

Our drop-in clinic is ready to help you!

Otherwise you have the option to arrange care in other ways and timelines. Please consult the Get Health Care page to see these health resources.

Healing from sexual assault.

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SURVIVOR SUPPORT. If you've experienced sexual violence/harassment, know it's not your fault...

Immediate help is available to you when you are ready.

If you'd like to help someone going through this, resources are here for you, too. We value a culture that prioritizes consent and respect; one that responds to and supports survivors and their allies.

Hate-driven actions.

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CARE AFTER A HATE CRIME. If you are a target of or witness one, we're here to help...

Though it might seem like everything has darkened or has ground to a halt, our top priority is your safety and need for medical attention.