Health Concerns

Who's gonna choose?

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PARTY SAFE. The way we celebrate or let off steam or deal with stress is within our power to choose...

If you're informed of potential outcomes and know your limits, your choice is everything.

Don't let others choose for you. Enjoy life and stay safe.

The good sort.

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Stuck? Try working it out with us. No problem is too big or too small...

Counselors are skilled, culturally competent, and ready to work things through with you. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that you could use some help sorting, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy.

Getting unstuck.

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ALCOHOL & DRUG-RELATED SERVICES. You don't have to deal with this alone—we're listening...

Through confidential, non-judgmental counseling, our Social Services alcohol and drug specialists are available to talk with you about your own use or that of a friend or family member.