GRAD/PROF | stuck/confused

On-the-job training.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES. Programs and services tailored for you!...

Adding to all of the typical confusion and transition most students encounter while at school, international students have even more layers to peel back.

From counseling, to hiring strategies, preparation tools, and work authorizations, to workshops, the Career Center offers help specific to the international student experience at Berkeley.

On the plus side...

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PERSPECTIVE ON NEGATIVE EVENTS. Unexpected outcomes can spin out of control IF we let them get to us...

While unfortunate things do happen, we have the power to move on with positive thinking.

Use this technique to imagine the way out. Putting distance between us and the event can give us the perspective to have the courage to break free and come back to the present.

Who's gonna choose?

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PARTY SAFE. The way we celebrate or let off steam or deal with stress is within our power to choose...

If you're informed of potential outcomes and know your limits, your choice is everything.

Don't let others choose for you. Enjoy life and stay safe.

Your home away from home.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT HOUSING. Here are several options for finding a place to live while you enjoy your awesome experience at Berkeley.

You do you.

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ETHICAL COURAGE. Ever hear of moral dilemmas—situations where we may choose something for the wrong reasons?...

Or have you gone along with something just so you didn't end up being the odd one out?

While moral dilemmas do exist, sometimes our trouble is that we have temporarily lost sight of our values, which is not a good feeling. How do we have the courage to stick to our stories?

Pro Tip:...

The good sort.

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Stuck? Try working it out with us. No problem is too big or too small...

Counselors are skilled, culturally competent, and ready to work things through with you. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that you could use some help sorting, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy.

Take care by taking the PATH.

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PATH TO CARE. For those subjected to gendered violence, or who know someone who has, we have a non-judgmental, caring approach to care...

We can help you explore options, rights, and resources. Sometimes you need an advocate to help you sort it all out and break free from its power.

Suitable pursuits.

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CAREER CENTER. Your future best fit is out there! What does the path to your first (or next) career position or gig look like?...

And what are your steps to get there? Or are you feeling like you've plateaued in your current position?

Get resources and advice to explore options. Go find your match.

Tag team.

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SMART MENTORING. Want more from your experience at your degree level? Do the SMART thing...

Student Mentoring and Research Teams (SMART) let grad students create mentored research opportunities for advanced undergrads.

The program is unique to Berkeley and provides summer funding for both mentor and mentee opportunities to share research results on campus and at national conferences. Gifts to the SMART program are more than matched by University contributions....

Short-circuiting the energy of fear.

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CULTIVATING COURAGE. Techniques to disrupt the cycle of not getting what you want due to overwhelming fear...

Bravery is not something we just snap your fingers and get, especially if we're worried about the hundreds of potential negative outcomes we play out in our head. How can we recalibrate here?