Student Wellness

Cool at school.

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PARTY SAFE. In college, we want to fit in and are under pressure to do well—Partying is cool, but not if it puts you at risk of harming yourself...

Not to mention, many students are often experiencing some major changes at that point in their lives. We want to help you and your friends de-stress safely.

Work it out by working out.

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RECREATIONAL SPORTS. In addition to a wide variety of typical gym activities, there many more options offered to boost your health...

Group exercise, CalStar/inclusive recreation, intramural and club sports, personal training... so many choices! Stress, be gone!

What, me? Worry?

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STUDENT COUNSELING. Whether it's a personal, academic, or career issue that's gnawing at you, there are many ways to keep you mentally healthy...

No problem is too big or too small. Counselors are highly skilled and culturally competent.

Take your health to new heights.

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HEALTH COACHING. Get a lift from getting healthy. Co-create an achievable and sustainable action plan...

Coaches are here to collaborate with you on defining and achieving your sexual health and general wellness goals. Ready for take off?

Sweat it out of your system.

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PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT COURSES. Beat stress through a PE course. Get creative while you get class credit...

Karate chop your tensions in half? Dance away your troubles? You decide which ones will do the trick.

It's substantial.

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ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUG-RELATED SERVICES. Social Services offers you confidential, non-judgmental counseling...

Our alcohol and drug specialists are here so you don't have to deal with this alone. They are available to talk with you about your own use or that of a friend or family member and support a spectrum of goals using a harm reduction approach.

Image actually isn't everything.

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EATING DISORDERS & BODY IMAGE SERVICES. A complex issue—but our teams can help you understand...

Learn more in detail about how to address the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of this multi-layered topic.