Keys to Well-being

Unlocking your potential.

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KEYS TO WELL-BEING. Explore Greater Good Science Center's ten building blocks of individual and community well-being...

Research suggests that these behaviors will support your health and happiness. Foster positive connections with other people—it's a good remedy for stress. And for those of you who like to track your progress, you can take some assessments and check how things change over time!

Balancing act.

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BE WELL AT CAL. Your wellness depends on how much attention you give to your entire being and how you spend your time and energy...

If something is weighing heavy or not supporting your well-being, you have the power to change it right now to regain your balance. Be kind to yourself as you do this—just start over if things get a little wobbly again, NBD.

Teaching tools.

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GSI RESOURCES. It can be quite a lot to handle, teaching on top of doing your own graduate studies and projects. We're here to help you thrive...

Find tips and information to help make your experience more enjoyable, such as on your role in the overall campus structure, classroom dynamics, best practices specific to your department, preparation, and more. We want to set you up for success!

Hot off the (virtual) press.

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WORKPLACE HANDOUTS. These Employee Assistance e-flyers give useful info on common workplace and personal issues...

Use them for yourself or when you think a colleague could use some support. Be Well at Work!