Inclusive Practices

Environmentally friendly.

icon for all audiences: students, faculty, and staff

BERKELEY SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES. Get involved with a wide range of options that help our community thrive...

See yourself on an innovation project team? Want to help with the waste programs?

You can make a difference! Sustainability encompasses many dimensions, including human welfare and financial stewardship in addition to our environmental care of the earth. Find out what makes your heart sing, and the Berkeley community (and the world) will sing...

Walking the talk.

icon for faculty audiences specifically

SUPPORT FOR INCLUSION. Berkeley faculty have a responsibility to shape our future leaders and strengthen their integrity...

One guiding value at the university is to foster equity and diversity. Enrich your teaching ability and experience by connecting with people on this human dimension while you share your subject expertise with students and colleagues.

Feeding brains and feeding heart are equally important.

A whole new world.

icon for faculty/staff audiences

MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION PROGRAM. Access resources, tools, and workshops to enhance your classroom experience...

Your discussions and group facilitation will reach new levels, and align with staff diversity initiatives at the university.

Evolve our understanding of each other and our communities by encouraging unique points of view, testing assumptions, and expanding possibilities toward new solutions.

A teaching moment.

icon for faculty audiences specifically

TEACHING IN TROUBLED TIMES. Seize opportunities to create a safe place for students distracted by negativity in our socio-political arena...

Join in conversations that identify current complex societal issues and collaborate on potential strategies for how faculty can leverage that knowledge in the classroom. With some creativity and enthusiasm, we can foster inquiry-based instruction and respectful dialogue.

Presented by the Division of Equity & inclusion, the...