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Socialize while you sweat.

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INTRAMURAL SPORTS. Wanna play your favorite sport on a competitive or recreational level? Bring your friends, or make new ones!...

Work your body and build your team skills. It's a win no matter what the score ends up being. Game on!

It‘s team to get serious.

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SPORTS CLUBS. Okay, though many of these 34 clubs are competitive, new participants of all skill levels are always welcome...

Some offer instructional and/or recreational opportunities. So go ahead, push your personal limits. You can do it!

Hello LOL.

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HOW LAUGHTER BRINGS US TOGETHER. People who laugh together like each other more—truly, there is research to back it up...

Try some of the techniques for relationships or staff meetings and see if some levity brings you to a new level.

Birds of a feather.

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COMMUNITY-SPECIFIC HEALTH. It's good to connect with and get support from others who share similar identities as our own...

While Berkeley strives to be a cohesive, diverse community, sometimes we may feel like we just want to stick together with our people, our crew.

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Be a happy camper.

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CAL ADVENTURES. Get out in Nature, like the bear that you are. Classes and clinics and camps—cool!...

Try out your sleuthing skills (you did know that a group of bears is a sleuth, right?) and find yourself a memorable adventure with other Berkeley folk and the local community.

Welcome to the club.

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STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS. Hang with people who share the same interests as you—so many tastes, so little time!...

Try something new—you can learn from someone else and learn something about yourself. Link up at CalLINK!