Grad Student Welfare

Work it out by working out.

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RECREATIONAL SPORTS. In addition to a wide variety of typical gym activities, there many more options offered to boost your health...

Group exercise, CalStar/inclusive recreation, intramural and club sports, personal training... so many choices! Stress, be gone!

Plight of the preoccupied parent.

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GRAD STUDENT PARENT SUPPORT. Getting an advanced degree is hard enough—how much more by also having to take care of your family?...

Lighten your load with these resources and accomodations so you can focus on your studies more.

Teaching tools.

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GSI RESOURCES. It can be quite a lot to handle, teaching on top of doing your own graduate studies and projects. We're here to help you thrive...

Find tips and information to help make your experience more enjoyable, such as on your role in the overall campus structure, classroom dynamics, best practices specific to your department, preparation, and more. We want to set you up for success!