Financial Matters

That's a relief.

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HEALTH OPPORTUNITY FUND (HOF). Pell Grant and Dream Aid recipients can get reduced fees for services at the Tang Center!...

Very important notes: You need to visit the Cashier's Office at Tang immediately after you receive services (otherwise up to 7 days of receiving care or prescriptions). Identify yourself as a Health Opportunity Fund recipient and that you want to apply the credit to your bill. Present...

Wiser investments.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

GRADUATE/PROFESSIONAL FINANCIAL AID. You've made the decision to invest in your career by going to grad school—then there's the financing...

Here is some straightforward info to help you finance it efficiently and economically.

Money mayhem.

icon for faculty/staff audiences

FINANCIAL PLANNING. Making sense of our financial future can seem complicated, so let's demystify together...

Learn to create an appropriate strategy for your situation. These first steps can help create peace of mind so your years in the sunset can shine bright.

Minding the (financial) gap.

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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FINANCIAL AID. Stressed about a financial shortfall you might have?—There are several remedies...

You're an integral part of the Berkeley community—we count on the unique things you bring to campus. Consider several options to lessen your financial burden.

Ring in the cha-ching.

Dance of the diploma dollars.

icon for undergraduate student audiences specifically

UNDERGRAD FINANCIAL AID. Don't worry, you'll get the steps if you take a minute to learn them and practice...

Stick with it and you'll feel more secure about loans, alternative funding sources, and general financial literacy.