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All up in your fitness.

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WORKFIT. Take time out of your workday to get your blood pumping and improve your mood. X-Y-Z your way to health (TRX or Yoga or Zumba)!...

Or pick from other fun and fulfilling options that fit your interests.

Click on the map to find a location near you:

Your attention, please.

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BE WELL AT WORK | ELDER CARE PROGRAM. Taking care of an adult loved one on top of your responsibilities at work?...

It can weigh heavily at times. These resources help set you up for success as a caregiver, while you also take care of yourself...

Confidential, free assistance to UC Berkeley Faculty and Staff, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory employees who are caring...

Work it out by working out.

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RECREATIONAL SPORTS. In addition to a wide variety of typical gym activities, there many more options offered to boost your health...

Group exercise, CalStar/inclusive recreation, intramural and club sports, personal training... so many choices! Stress, be gone!

Unlocking your potential.

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KEYS TO WELL-BEING. Explore Greater Good Science Center's ten building blocks of individual and community well-being...

Research suggests that these behaviors will support your health and happiness. Foster positive connections with other people—it's a good remedy for stress. And for those of you who like to track your progress, you can take some assessments and check how things change over time!

Tension attention.

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EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE. Prioritizing your mental health helps you live well, both at and outside of work...

No cost counseling and referral is available to help you address what's on your mind.

Money mayhem.

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FINANCIAL PLANNING. Making sense of our financial future can seem complicated, so let's demystify together...

Learn to create an appropriate strategy for your situation. These first steps can help create peace of mind so your years in the sunset can shine bright.

Let's eat!

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FOOD SECURITY SOLUTIONS. How can you even think when your stomach is grumbling all the time? Ensure you get fed, even on a very limited budget..

It's essential if you're going to do your best work.

In a supporting role.

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HELPING A STUDENT. Worried about a student who may be going through something—that's more that your basic stress—and don't know how to help?...

We hope you'll discover an appropriate, compassionate response in this handful of resources.

Family matters.

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FACULTY BACKUP FAMILY CARE. Worried because regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable for a family member and you have to work?...

UC Berkeley has partnered with Bright Horizons to offer all ladder rank faculty members and lecturers SOE back-up care.

For example:

When your regular caregiver/stay-at-home spouse is unavailable. When you are between child or adult/elder care arrangements. When your child's regular child care...

Academic advantages.

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FACULTY WELFARE.The responsibilities of faculty are many on top of teaching, research, and public service. We're here to assist you...

Resources help you with academic operations, relocation, family, retirement, and more. Meeting your needs helps you bring your best to your work.