Community-Based Groups

Play well with others.

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COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (CoP). Nerd out with your people! These groups bring together staff with similar professional interests...

Share knowledge and professional development tips. The leadership provides expert advice and mentorship to members.

Check out these groups:

Academic Business Officers Group (ABOG)
Berkeley Events Network (BEN)
Berkeley Facilitator Network (BFN)
Berkeley Research Administrators Group (BRAG)
Business Process...

So happy together.

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IDENTITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS. Share, support, and learn about each other—celebrate our staff diversity in a safe space...

You are always welcome in these communities:

Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)
Berkeley Staff Assembly (BSA)
Berkeley Veterans
Black Staff & Faculty Organization (BSFO)
Cal Women's Network
Chancellor's Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC)
Native American Staff Council (NASC)

People. Interesting people.

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SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS. Socialize with a community that advances a specific area of knowledge...

Sound interesting? Work is usually focused on specific tasks or interests with no official governing body.

Here are the current groups on campus:

Berkeley HEROES
University Section Club
W6BB Amateur Radio Club

Staff Organizations work together to offer individuals the opportunity to become more...

Birds of a feather.

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COMMUNITY-SPECIFIC HEALTH. It's good to connect with and get support from others who share similar identities as our own...

While Berkeley strives to be a cohesive, diverse community, sometimes we may feel like we just want to stick together with our people, our crew.

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