Environmentally friendly.

icon for all audiences: students, faculty, and staff

BERKELEY SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES. Get involved with a wide range of options that help our community thrive...

See yourself on an innovation project team? Want to help with the waste programs?

You can make a difference! Sustainability encompasses many dimensions, including human welfare and financial stewardship in addition to our environmental care of the earth. Find out what makes your heart sing, and the Berkeley community (and the world) will sing...

You know it, now tell the story.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

BERKELEY CONNECT PROGRAM. Share your smarts and experience with students in your field as a Berkeley Connect Fellow. Faculty coaches will guide you...

They'll help you hone your mentorship and facilitation skills, advance your scholarly research, and prepare you for the job market. Stipend, tuition, and fee remission!

Wellness woot-woot!

icon for faculty/staff audiences

WELLNESS AMBASSADORS. Be the resident wellness expert (and champion) in your faculty or staff department!...

It's a relatively small commitment that can bring huge dividends. Spreading knowledge and encouragement can only create more harmony and productivity in the workplace, and well, who wouldn't want that?

Research and resurge.

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SMART MENTORING. Bring your PhD professional development to a new level by mentoring a qualified undergraduate in a research project...

Here's your chance at a win-win: Looks good on your record and hones your skills while your mentee gains expertise in research methods, and carves out sweeter educational and career paths for themselves.

Professor priorities.

icon for faculty audiences specifically

BEST PRACTICES FOR FACULTY MENTORING. Tenure-track faculty develop more sustainably with constructive reviews and mentoring...

Take pride in your department! Offer your protégés leadership so that they can meet the high standards of rigor, depth and innovation in scholarship. Your guidance helps them realize their full potential as scholars, teachers, and members of the academic community.

Lead on, you Bears.

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PEER PROGRAMS. Get involved with health programs, volunteer, or join an advisory board to create impact in your student community...

Did you know?—studies have shown that significant impact comes through learning from your peers.

Many opportunities to choose from:

Peer Education Programs
Cal Bears Say Hi
Health Worker Program
Love Café at Cal
Nutrition Outreach Workers (NOWs)

Cheering on your career.

icon for faculty/staff audiences

BSA STAFF MENTORSHIP. Help new staff onboard even quicker with a better understanding of the Berkeley organizational culture...

Assist new hires with building connections, exploring challenges, and anything else useful toward a happy and healthy work life on campus.

This volunteer program pairs experienced campus staff members (mentors) with staff who are looking to develop themselves professionally (mentees). We know you have a lot you...

Be a big sib.

icon for graduate/professional student audiences specifically

GRADUATE MENTORING PROGRAMS. You can make a difference in the Berkeley student family with your positive influence!...

While there's no parent badgering you to do it here, it's the older, more experienced ones like yourself who can help shape the lives of the ones just starting out...

Mentoring is not only good for you in your professional development, it helps keep the high standard of excellence that Berkeley is known for. Several ways to engage.