Braving Changes

Leadership trifecta.

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MAKING GREAT WORKPLACES. Cultivate courage, compassion, and resilience in your workplace...

Maximize the horsepower at work by bringing your best leadership skills to your department.

Applied liberally, these important aspects of leadership can increase productivity, goodwill, and a stronger operation that can withstand even the toughest challenges.

Stand up. Stand proud.

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ETHICAL COURAGE. Standing up for what we believe in helps us live authentically...

It also sets a good example for others. People may not always agree with us, but the action alone merits respect. No matter what happens, value your integrity.

Pro Tip: Always ask yourself, "What's the ethical thing to do here?" Your heart will speak up and your decision will be more in...

Ramp up your resilience.

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CULTIVATING COURAGE. Practice these techniques to maintain your strength over fear...

Doing so expands your potential can increase your resilience. We learn and live life toward our fullest from all experiences, no matter how things turn out.

Positively charged.

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PERSPECTIVE ON NEGATIVE EVENTS. You are ready to face that thing that has been keeping you down—plug into the plus sign!...

Notice the things that feed your soul and your happiness. Trusting in your inner strength and accentuating the positive changes your energy. You can have more clarity of mind to reach your goals without the debilitating distraction of negativity.

Proud of you.

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LGBTQ COMING OUT. For many, taking this life-changing step takes bravery. We are here to support you!...

Coming out is a life long process of understanding, accepting, and acknowledging your identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+ (LGBTQ+) or a combination of these identities. It includes both exploring your identity and sharing that identity with others. The first person you have to come out to is yourself. It happens in...

Speak your truth.

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STAFF OMBUDS. Have you ever had a persistent issue at work, where you wanted to voice your concern but worried about rocking the boat or the potential backlash?...

Discuss your matter confidentially with someone who will listen and help you identify some options so you can take your next steps with more information than before.