Feather in a whirlwind.

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BERKELEY CONNECT PROGRAM. You can get more settled through personalized conversations with a mentor...

You can talk about your academic passions and challenges, plans and goals. Connecting with others—with your professors and other students—is the key to a truly rewarding undergraduate experience.

You’ll be matched with an experienced grad student pursuing a PhD at Berkeley to be your personal mentor for the semester, plus join a small group of students who meet regularly for informal, interactive discussions of topics related to your studies. Berkeley Connect welcomes all undergraduates, regardless of major or year. The only requirement is an interest in one of these fields of study:

African American Studies
Computational Biology
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management*
Ethnic Studies
Social Welfare
*includes Conservation & Resource Studies; Environmental Sciences; Forestry & Natural Resources; Molecular Environmental Biology; and Society & Environment

Students love Berkeley Connect!
94% would recommend it to a friend
92% said it increased their confidence they can succeed at UC Berkeley
90% said it increased their sense of belonging at UC Berkeley
(Results from Fall 2017 student exit survey)